Berner Pups

Well, the pups are still at the age where they basically sleep and eat. So here is another sleeping picture.  As you look at this pups nose, you can see that at 9 days old there is some pigmentation coming in to give a black nose. Sort of looks like they have been playing with markers as their noses and the pads on their feet turn from pink to splotchy black.

And here they all are with momma so you can see what those all-black noses will look like.  And boy do they still have a lot of growing to do.


Berner Pups

These Bernese Mountain Dog pups were born Dec 28. For those of you who haven’t seen baby dogs in their first 2 months we will be posting their progress.

This is a planned breeding between two Berners with excellent pedigrees and a LOT of health checks completed. There are 6 puppies – distinguished Berner1weekby white markings and sex.

Born at approximately a pound, they are now about two pounds at one week. Momma Cricket is eating 3x her usual quantity and doing all the puppy  Care and feeding for now

The puppies are still blind and deaf. Eyes and ears should open at 10-14 days

Happy Holidays from Bark Place



Bark Place Wishes Everyone a Safe, Happy and Healthy Holiday and All the Best for the New Year!!

Boston holiday celebration for dog lovers

Boston holiday celebration for dog lovers

Saturday, December 8th
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Bark Place will host a holiday celebration for dog lovers to get into the spirit of the season and raise money for the MSPCA-Angell.

With the helping hand of Santa, renowned pet photographer Jann Tenenbaum will style and photograph each pooch and provide digital prints. Perfect for holiday cards!

Pet owners can enjoy a little fun for themselves too.

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Pets and their owners enjoy libations and noshes!

Complimentary holiday puppy pouches (while supplies last)

Holiday Photo Event $25 – a portion of the proceeds donated to the MSPCA.

RSVP recommended

Dog Grooming in Boston

Bark Place is accepting new Grooming customers.

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Happy Halloween! Dog costume contest in Boston

Happy Halloween!  October 27th Blackstone Park in Boston's South End Dog Costume Contest and More!

Happy Halloween!

October 27th

Blackstone Park in Boston’s South End

Dog Costume Contest and More!

Happy 3rd Anniversary Bark Place!

Bark Place is happy to announce we are  celebrating 3 years in business on May 5th! Thank you to all our furry friends and their owners who have made Bark Place such a success. We thank you for your patronage!


A weeklong benefit to support MSPCA-Angell at Bark Place!

Sun May 6 – Sat May 12

$20 / 50% of proceeds will be donated to MSPCA-Angell

To reserve, call 857-362-7494    Walk-ins welcome

Traveling with your Dog by Car

  1. Take some small practice trips prior to a big trip so your dog is used to car travel.
  2. Do not feed in the morning before a long trip if a dog is prone to car sickness. Instead feed a light meal the night before.
  3. If your dog is prone to anxiety on a trip, try stress reduction supplements to help your dog chill out. There are lots of safe all natural products that will help do the trick to calm them down.
  4. Keep your dog safely restrained in the car by using a crate, harness, or other carrier. Don’t give your dog free rein of the entire car. Don’t let them hang their head out the window, as they can easily get hurt or get something in their eyes.
  5. Keep your pet cool & comfortable in the car with a cooling pad for the crate (keeps cool without refrigeration!)
  6. Bring water and a traveling water bowl. Stop every few hours to let your dog stretch, safely do its business and to drink water.
  7. Never leave a dog unattended in a car by itself in hot weather. A dog can overheat quickly as the temperature in a car gets hotter than outside very quickly.
  8. Be sure your dog has a collar on with id tags at all times. Take your rabies certificate and all vet and emergency numbers with you.

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Holiday Grooming

Don’t worry….. there’s still time to schedule grooming before the holidays. Call and schedule your time today!