We walk in the South End and parts of Back Bay in some of the most dog friendly neighborhoods of Boston. Nearby we have Blackstone Park and Peters Park as well as the beautiful Southwest Corrider Park to roam, There are so many good small streets and little parks to explore with your best friend. Your dog is walked individually or in very small groups with their safety and fun as our top priorities.

Midday walks are between 11 am to 3 pm. Early morning and late afternoon walks can also be scheduled. Our experienced staff will ensure your dog enjoys the time out and refills the water bowl upon return. You will receive daily reports as to how the walk went. Walks are $20 for a 30 minute walk. Prepaid packages are available for those walking daily. Weekends and holidays are additional with limited availability.

New Puppy Walks are a great way to start your Puppy off right. These walks are for Pups under the age of 4 months and consist of 2 short walks per day for $25. Our staff can help re-enforce your training to go potty outside by making it fun and easy.

Download the Dog Walking Application here


For dogs that qualify, our overnight take home service may be ideal. Our associates walk, feed, administer medications and provide fresh water for your dog in their own homes. Often we get to know your dog though other Bark Place services so your dog is cared for by someone who is already a familiar face and friend. Pet Sitting means your dog becomes a temporary member of our family, so we do ask for advance notice as much as possible especially at the holidays.

Download the Petting Sitting Application here